Faculty Overview

Welcome to the Faculty of Applied Arts, a diverse and vibrant community dedicated to knowledge discovery and to developing all of its members (Staff and Students alike) to their utmost potential. The Faculty of Applied Arts (FAA) is one of the Eight Faculties established by the University. All students including prospective students as well as members of staff and visitors are considered partners in our efforts to build a world class Faculty and by Extension University. The Faculty is home to three academic departments namely; Languages and International Relations Department, Media and Communication Studies Department and the Theatre Arts Department.

The Departments within the Faculty offer Certificate, Diploma, Professional Diploma, HND and B-TECH programmes using interdisciplinary approaches in teaching and research. Our students come from multi backgrounds, both locally and internationally (within Africa), which adds to the dynamism of teaching and learning. We emphasize excellence in teaching to ensure that students receive a comprehensive education that prepares them for further education and for careers in various fields. If you are a student, we are delighted that you have joined our student body and we encourage you to make fruitful use of the learning opportunities provided in the Faculty. Some of the academic programmes run in the Faculty include; Media and Communication Studies, International Relations and Theatre Arts.   Our programmes are well planned, structured and placed to offer students’ knowledge, analytical abilities, research skills, and creativity.

The Faculty has established teaching and research networks with a number of Institutions around the country and Region, and these collaborations provide great opportunities for both students and staff. The Faculty welcomes researchers, policy makers, community workers and other partners both local and international in collaborative engagements in interdisciplinary research, policy formulation and implementation, and other engagements to make an input into national and global debates.

The Faculty is undergoing a face-lift with the carving out of a new faculty from the faculty of Applied Arts to cater for specific Art needs of the two academic departments that are technical and creative in nature. The Faculty of Creative Arts and Technology (FaCAT) will explore the options in the creative art field and blend that with research to solving societal problems as well as bringing back the love for the creative Art industry.

The Faculty is headed by the Dean and assisted by an Assistant Registrar and a Senior Administrative Assistant. I encourage all prospective students to explore our website to learn more about our academic programmes.

Thank you for your interest in the Faculty of Applied Arts. Please contact me at byadam@tatu.edu.gh if you have any questions or comments.

Mission of Faculty

The Faculty of Applied Arts (FAA) is dedicated to offering a rich and unified environment that is deftly responsive to changing student needs in higher education in the 21st century and to promoting the values of liberal education to excelling in research in the liberal arts, humanities, social sciences and interdisciplinary studies that will serve the university, the global and local community and other professionals.

Vision of the Faculty

The vision of the Faculty of Applied (FAA) is to create an enabling atmosphere that is conducive for teaching and learning as well as a thriving student-centered, community-engaged, comprehensive research university known for its strong liberal arts core and recognizing the values of all forms of human inquiry and the need for cross-disciplinary co-operation in addressing changing social, cultural, and educational issues in dynamic, creative and innovative ways.

Departments in the Faculty

  • Language and International Relations
  • Media and Communication Studies

Programmes in the Faculty

  • HND in Media and Communication Studies